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4 Reasons Why Foodservice Businesses Should Add Iced Tea to Their Menus

Iced Tea

Iced tea is a refreshing beverage that is loved by all types of consumers — Gen Z’s to Baby Boomers. With so many varieties of iced teas, there is always a perfect option for everyone. Many foodservice businesses, ranging from small cafes to bakeries to chain restaurants, should consider offering iced teas on their menus to provide a better dining experience to their customers and capture more market share within their communities. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the four reasons why foodservice businesses should add iced teas to their menus.

1. Increased Profit Margins

According to the Tea Association of the USA, iced tea accounts for approximately 80% of all tea consumed in the United States, with roughly 69 million Americans consuming iced tea every day. With many consumers enjoying the light and hydrating beverage, iced tea opens up a huge opportunity for foodservice businesses to capitalize on the profitable beverage. In fact, iced teas garner an approximate 90% profit margin, making it a lucrative menu option for cafes, bakeries, and restaurants alike.

Additionally, iced teas have an extensive selection of profiles and are relatively affordable, both for the business and for the consumer. This allows consumers to get the most out of their money while increasing revenue and profit for the foodservice business.

2. Natural Health Benefits

Becoming increasingly aware of their health and well-being, more consumers want healthier beverage alternatives that quench their thirst without the extra calories. With an extensive assortment of flavors and varieties, iced teas are satisfying for consumers who seek light, healthy, and hydrating beverages. Many iced teas not only contain antioxidants and natural ingredients but are also low in calories.

Unsweetened iced teas lead the health space because of their zero-calorie properties and fresh taste. Since iced teas are made from real tea leaves, it is a great “better-for-you” option that does not incorporate artificial powders and additives. Foodservice businesses that offer unsweetened and natural iced teas will be able to expand their reach and grab onto more market share, especially with consumers who are mindful of their fitness, health, and wellness goals.

3. Convenient for On-the-Go Lifestyles

As the economy reopens and businesses return to in-person work, many consumers are looking for beverages that do not take too long to make. With this in mind, iced teas are one of the most convenient on-the-go beverages because they’re fairly simple and easy to make. Since most iced teas are pre-brewed and chilled to be served, it only takes a few minutes to prepare a delicious iced tea, shortening consumers’ waiting times.

Additionally, iced teas can be easily prepared for take-out and delivery without any obstacles in packaging, which allows consumers to safely bring their iced tea of choice to their destination. Iced tea’s easy preparation and on-the-go functionalities offer both convenience and accessibility to those who have a fast-paced lifestyle. As such, foodservice businesses that offer iced teas will not only be able to reap the benefits of the current way of life of many consumers but also increase their revenue in the long run.

4. Interest in Specialty Drinks

Consumers have more opportunities to customize and personalize their purchases than ever before. They are more willing and proactive to look for unique flavors, leading foodservice businesses to offer products and customizations that cater to those needs. Offering a wide assortment of iced teas can help businesses capture the interest of these types of consumers, especially the younger generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z who make up most of the consumers who choose iced tea as their go-to beverage.

To accommodate these adventurous palates, foodservice businesses can provide enhanced iced tea experiences by creating their own iced tea recipes with syrup and sauce customization options, which can pique the interest of more consumers and expand their market share.

Key Takeaways

As the market for iced teas continues to grow, foodservice businesses that want to stay relevant and ahead of the fray should look to start offering a variety of iced teas on their menu. Offering iced teas will not only allow each business to grow and increase revenue but will also enhance the customer’s dining experience. Moreover, understanding each customers’ specific wants and preferences can help businesses come up with an assortment of iced tea drinks that everyone will surely love.

Gaviña’s Iced Tea Program offers an extensive selection of high-quality iced teas that are perfect to pair with any menu. We provide training, equipment, merchandising materials, and allied products to enhance customers’ iced tea experience. Get started with adding iced tea to your menu by contacting us today!

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