Every business has its own unique challenges on the road to success. For businesses in need of a coffee partner, it is important to find someone who listens, understands, and builds solutions that are based on your individual business model.

With this in mind, there are a few key factors that must be considered before you determine who will be the best fit to take the coffee side of your business to the next level. To assist you in your search, we have put together a list of 7 essential questions you should ask when looking for the right coffee partner for your brand.

1. How can you help build the right coffee program for our establishment?

One of the most important things that your coffee partner can do for you is help you navigate the current coffee industry so that you are hitting the mark on quality and sales. They should be able to provide you with high-quality coffee and allied products that help you reach your goals and appeal to your customer base. Instead of suggesting irrelevant ideas and products, the right match will understand where you want to be as a brand and what is needed to get you there.

According to Tarit Tanjasiri, owner of Crema Cafe in Seal Beach, California and a Gaviña Foodservice partner, a good coffee partner will walk through many of the obstacles you’re facing – whether it be design concepts, coffee equipment, and how you can better appeal to your customer base.

When you have questions about the coffee roasting or packaging processes, your coffee partner should be willing to provide you with detailed explanations every step of the way. They should be able to equip you with the tools and resources you need for your business to grow and succeed.

2. How can you help us provide unrivaled customer service at our establishment?

 A great coffee partner should have the mindset in which they believe the customer is most important. Every change should be made with the customer’s happiness as a priority. They are the ones who are integral to the prosperity of your business.

The right coffee partner will not only listen to what you want from your business but also understand what your customers want from your establishment. They should equip you with the proper consulting and customer service techniques to set you apart and collect repeat customers.

“Not only did they offer great coffee, Gaviña actually listened to me and the coffee profiles I was looking for. They listened to the type of customers that were in my area,” said Yolanda Regalado, founder of Sirens Java & Tea in San Pedro, California, on her coffee partner.

 The right coffee partner will exemplify great customer service qualities in their training as well. When you are experiencing issues or drawbacks in your coffee processes, they should be able to patiently guide you through these issues so that you can incorporate the best practices that value your customers’ time and enhance their coffee experience.

3. How can you help increase efficiency and productivity within our establishment?

When you are training your team members, hands-on instruction is a highly effective way to get your staff brewing like experts every single time. A great coffee partner should be right next to you every step of the way, providing direct product and equipment training.

Because coffee is very specific, you want to have a coffee partner that not only knows the product but can also help teach and train your team about the latest trends and information in the coffee industry. They should be able to bring new ideas to the table and help your team resolve any issues related to your program.

By providing interactive training to your staff, your business will be able to provide the best coffee experience for your customer.

4. What kind of equipment solutions can you provide for us, with our business model in mind?

Care is an essential component in developing quality coffee, and using the finest equipment matters. The right partner will offer you the most reliable equipment that won’t result in overspending or over budgeting. Having these tools in hand allows your business to thrive, not only on the operational back-end but also through the beverages you deliver to your customers. They should be able to provide on-call equipment service and nationwide coverage to best support your staff with customized equipment solutions. Having the right equipment solutions allows for your business to be more efficient and productive, which in turn, leads to increases in growth and sales.

5. How can your beverage solutions help us develop a more profitable menu?

Coffee can easily be the most profitable item on your menu. It elevates your customer’s dining experience and complements the food you provide. Your coffee partner should provide your business with single origins, blends, roast levels, and flavor profiles that meet your customers’ preferences, while delivering personalized support to ensure that you know and understand what makes your menu great.

Based on your specific business needs, your coffee partner should be able to develop your menu with a variety of hot and cold beverage options, including espresso, cold brew, and seasonal recipes and flavors. Providing you with industry-leading insight with your single business model in mind emphasizes their ability to understand your vision and how coffee can play a role in sharing that vision with your community.

6. Do you provide direct delivery services?

Direct delivery allows you to have the freshest products available so that your customers can enjoy premium high-quality beverages every time.

Look for a coffee partner who extends direct delivery for all of your orders. It is an especially useful commodity during this time, as many businesses need an extra helping hand on the road to recovery.

By providing you with direct delivery, you can skip the third-party costs and fees with fast shipping and easy ordering. Your coffee partner should be able to offer easy access to their products and services so that your business can stay cost-effective and efficient.

7. What kind of allied products can you provide to our business?

An assortment of allied products that complements your beverage menu gives your customers the ability to customize their coffee experience. These products are almost as essential as the coffee itself. A good coffee partner will recommend high-quality products to share with you that go beyond the basics to elevate your coffee. This means that they have to take into consideration the dairy alternatives, flavor additives, and other extra products that come with coffee.

Delivering Excellence with Gaviña Coffee

You need a partner who will exceed your expectations to satisfy your needs and requests. Gaviña Coffee is a partner who takes the time to understand the vision and goals of your unique business model.

Beyond providing high-quality coffee, we deliver excellence through our industry expertise, trusted brands, and personalized training and support. By partnering with Gaviña, you’ll be able to deliver nothing but a high-quality coffee experience to your community.