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Customers Love Certified Coffee – Here’s Why You Should Add It To Your Menu

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Millions of people around the world start their day with coffee. Whether they make it at home or visit a local coffee shop to grab a favorite beverage, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their purchasing power and choices

Produced by about 50 countries, coffee is one of the most important products in the world. This means that many economies rely on it, but with farming and commerce, it leaves a pretty big impact on the environment.

Society is becoming more and more ethically conscious — especially as we learn more about sustainability and the impacts of global warming. So what does that mean for your customers and what they look for when buying a cup of coffee?

Customers are feeling concern over the social, environmental, and economic impacts of what they consume. Offering certified coffee is a simple and easy way for them to address these concerns while still enjoying a quality, great-tasting beverage from your business.

What is certified coffee?

A trusted certification allows a customer to make sure the coffee they buy meets high social and environmental standards. Certified coffees are those that have proven they are produced in a sustainable way. Read more about Gaviña’s dedication to sustainability here

When coffee has been organic or Fairtrade certified, customers can rest assured because they know that the coffee is grown in a healthy environment and values the workers involved in its production.

How do we know when coffee is certified?

There are various groups that inspect and certify coffee brands. Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Bird Friendly each ensure the coffee is environmentally friendly and does not impact animals living in the wild. 

Fairtrade USA, Fairtrade America, and IMO Fair For Life make sure the coffee’s supply chain is fair to farmers and workers. About 85% of fair-trade coffee is also organic. This is certified by USDA Organic.

A certified coffee may have any one or more of these certifications displayed on the package and when customers see these labels on the coffee, they know they’re making an ethical choice. It’s a good idea to share this information with customers through menu notations or spotlight products that can easily be seen during ordering.

Why do customers love certified coffee?

Over the past few years, there has been a strong shift towards sustainable buying. Many customers now want to use their purchases to benefit society, the global economy, or the environment — and when it comes to a product like coffee, it’s important for businesses to pay attention. 

Offer a selection of certified coffee at your business

It’s a great idea to stock certified coffee in your store. It gives you the opportunity for higher retail pricing, which benefits your business, and it’s also an easy way to support sustainable agriculture.

Many customers love the transparency of certified coffee. They enjoy being able to make purchases that support communities, help the environment, and are healthy for them and their families.

Want to meet customer demand while also providing delicious, quality coffee? Partnering with Gaviña Coffee Solutions offers you a range of sustainable choices, including a new line of coffees called Gaviña Reserve created specifically to provide more options to businesses and customers. For more information on certified coffee, or to increase your menu offerings with Gaviña’s new Reserve Line, reach out to Gaviña Coffee Solutions.

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