There’s been a lot to figure out over the last few months especially as it relates to business and how to serve customers. While things are still uncertain, there’s a bit of comfort in knowing that coffee and seasonal trends are in demand!

To counteract some of the uncertainty and stress in everyday life, customers are going to be more interested in flavors that bring them comfort this year. For example, pumpkin spice always seems to draw serious excitement when it lands on menu boards (even when temperatures outside are soaring!). Tap into some of these current trends to increase sales:

Oat Milk

COVID-19 has reminded us just how valuable our health is and society is becoming increasingly health conscious. Like in recent years, dairy alternatives, low calorie coffees, and diet-friendly drinks are very popular.

Many people are moving away from dairy due to health and environmental concerns. Although almond milk is still the most popular milk alternative, oat milk is on the rise. In 2019, oat milk sales surged by a massive 686%

Oat milk is known for its mild flavor. It tastes a little sweeter and more natural than other milk alternatives, making it a much loved choice by coffee drinkers. 

When heated, it thickens and becomes creamy. It’s the perfect milk substitute in hot drinks such as coffee, chai or hot chocolate making it a diverse choice for your business. 

Comforting Classics 

While we typically associate fall with the pumpkin spice season, this time of year is when coffee drinkers begin craving their favorite holiday treats. What makes this season — and all it’s classic flavors so appealing? 

They’re nostalgic, comforting and cozy. When everything outside feels so uncertain, it’s the little things like a great cup of coffee that bring a bit of normalcy to your customers’ day-to-day routine

From crisp apple flavors to warm frothy drinks (Dalgona-style coffee has been a super trendy offering!), we expect this season to bring out the most popular autumn flavors, including:

  • Cinnamon hazelnut
  • Caramel
  • Maple

Even for those non-coffee drinking customers, offering alternatives like hot cocoa, apple cider or chai is a perfect way to boost sales and provide even more variety on your autumn menu. 

Why should you get onboard with fall flavors and coffee trends? Offerings like these help demand and sales despite the ongoing difficulties in the marketing because you’re appealing to the emotional side of customers (and providing them great coffee!).

All Things Pumpkin

When it comes to seasonal coffee trends, pumpkin spice is the classic. It’s been 17 years since it was introduced to consumers and remains a popular trend. Drinking a pumpkin spice latte is relaxing, nostalgic, and adds a much needed touch of normalcy so be sure to stock up and be ready for additional sales this year. 

Looking to get in on the fall trends for 2020 or want to expand your menu offerings? Reach out to Gaviña Coffee Solutions for more information!