Our Commitment To Sustainability

Gaviña Direct Impact™ is our commitment to providing premium coffee with a greener coffee footprint. This means that we promote sustainability practices in every aspect of our business decisions so that we can preserve natural resources and our environment for future generations. Our sustainability commitment focuses on four core pillars: Dedication to Farmers, Sustainable Sourcing, Environmentally Sustainability, and Social Stewardship.

Under our Dedication to Farmers pillar, we launched an international outreach program to improve quality of life and increase social and economic development in coffee farming communities around the Coffee Belt. One of our most recent projects is La Chaparrala Wet Mill in Antioquia Colombia.

Gavina direct impact

Project at a Glance

Increase Productivity, Improve Quality, Reduce Carbon Footprint.

Benefits 850 coffee farmers.

  • 30% increase in coffee yield and quality
  • 80% decrease in water usage
  • 100% of waste water will be treated
  • 90% reduction in energy usage
  • 20% fewer hours spend on processing coffee

Learn more about this project by watching our La Chaparrala video.

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