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Gourmet Iced Tea- A Refreshing Revolution for Your Menu

Gourmet Iced Tea: A Refreshing Revolution for Your Menu

That overly sugared mixture of iced tea at family BBQ is a thing of the past. While an entire region of the United States will tout proudly that sweet tea is the best thing since fried okra and greens, it doesn’t make up for the fact that tea is the foundation of this popular drink and it can only be elevated by using gourmet iced tea as that main ingredient. Gourmet iced tea is here to elevate your summer refreshment game. Steeped in quality ingredients, bursting with unexpected flavors, and crafted with the same care as a fine cup of hot tea, gourmet iced tea is a revelation. Whether you’re seeking a sophisticated black tea blend, a vibrantly fruity herbal infusion, or a taste of the exotic, there’s a gourmet iced tea waiting for you to experience and enjoy – year round!

What is a Traditional Tea?

Black tea is one of the most well-known and widely consumed teas globally. It’s considered “traditional” because it undergoes a full oxidation process, giving it a strong flavor and dark color. Compared to other tea types like green tea or white tea, black tea has been around for centuries and is a familiar choice for many tea drinkers.

Gaviña’s Traditional Black Iced Tea:

This crowd-pleaser is where it all begins. Gaviña’s black gourmet iced tea is brewed from an exclusive blend of high-grown, premium tea leaves. This careful selection ensures a rich color, a bold flavor, and a satisfying experience that is the perfect stand-alone drink, or popular and classic base for anything more elaborate. It’s made with portion-controlled filter packs for ultimate convenience, making it perfect for busy foodservice establishments who don’t want to budge on quality ingredients. 

A Twist on Tradition: Black Tea with Passion Fruit

For those seeking a touch of the tropics, Gaviña’s  Passion F iced tea is a tasty option.  This unique blend combines the bold character of black tea with the sweet notes of passion fruit, creating a truly refreshing and delicious gourmet iced tea.  Imagine the classic taste of black tea infused with the exotic essence of a faraway island – this tea will instantly transport you there.

What is Specialty Tea?

While traditional flavors offer comfort, Gaviña’s specialty gourmet iced teas are all about exploration. These selections feature a wider variety of tea leaves, often sourced from around the world, and boast unique flavor profiles. Think beyond black tea and discover the delicate notes of green tea, the invigorating taste of hibiscus, or the calming properties of herbal infusions. Gaviña’s specialty gourmet iced teas also come in portion-controlled packets, making it easy for any foodservice worker to brew the best tea, without having to be an official Tea Sommelier. 

Gaviña Organic Hibiscus Speciality Gourmet Iced Tea

Venturing beyond black tea, Gaviña’s Organic Hibiscus Iced Tea offers a vibrant taste sensation in the specialty category. Hibiscus flowers are steeped to create a beautiful ruby-red iced tea with a tart and tangy flavor profile of organic hibiscus flowers, organic lemon myrtle, and a sweet, tart citrus flavor. Hibiscus iced tea is a perfect choice for those seeking a naturally sweet and refreshing beverage that is also caffeine-free.

Gaviña Mango Green Gourmet Iced Tea

Stepping into the fruity side of Gaviña’s specialty iced teas, Mango Green is the marriage of tradition and tropical taste. This unique blend combines the base of green tea, (known for its subtle grassy notes and health benefits,) with the sweetness and juicy flavor profile of mangoes. The result is a refreshing iced tea that’s both invigorating and bursting with flavor, perfect for those seeking a taste of summer with a healthier twist.

Why Choose Gaviña’s Gourmet Iced Tea?

In today’s competitive foodservice industry, offering refreshing and high-quality beverages is key to keeping customers happy. Gourmet iced tea ticks all the boxes: it’s delicious, versatile, and caters to a wide range of taste preferences. It’s sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser, and truly elevate your menu and offerings.

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