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How to Enhance Your Coffee Sales During the Holidays

Coffee Sales

The holiday season has a way of sneaking up on the foodservice industry earlier and earlier each year. With so many rotating seasonal opportunities and customers craving fall and winter flavors as soon as the leaves start falling, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops must be agile in their strategy so they can stay ahead of the holiday season opportunities.

From Thanksgiving to the December holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and others), your business can expect consumers to increase their spending budget and should use this to their advantage. To help you boost your revenue this gift-giving season, we have put together a guide of some effective strategies to enhance your coffee sales.

Holiday Beverage Trends

Holiday-themed coffee beverages are one of the most accessible and heart-warming ways for people to get into the spirit. Peppermint and pumpkin spice tend to be the leading holiday flavors, but there are several other trending options this year that your baristas should experiment with like eggnog, gingerbread, marshmallow, chestnut, and peanut butter. Preparing these as both hot and cold beverages with preparation methods varying from lattes to mochas to frappuccinos is a great way to diversify your menu now and in the future.

Though it may be tempting to go straight from pumpkin spice to candy canes on November 1st, keep in mind that there are plenty of customers who will want to embrace the fall season until after Thanksgiving. Continue offering fall favorites like apple spice, maple, hazelnut, cinnamon, and chai tea to appeal to a wider demographic. Additionally, offering plant-based dairy alternatives, all-natural sweeteners, and immunity-boosting ingredients in your seasonal beverages will widely appeal to younger crowds and those who want healthier options before indulging in holiday meals.

Limited-Time Seasonal Menus

Seasonal menus that feature ingredients only available for a “limited time” will inspire a sense of urgency that consumers cannot resist missing. A recent Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report shows that 45% of consumers are more likely to pick an item if it uses seasonal ingredients and 35% are more likely to try it if it is only offered for a limited time. Utilizing some of the above-mentioned unique, seasonal flavors creatively on your menu is not only an opportunity to upsell items but to also show your community your versatility.

With so many chances in Q4 to experiment with trending fall and winter favorites, you can work with your team members to develop a unique food and beverage experience that makes a lasting impact. An out-of-the-box recipe idea could lead to a future signature item on your menu! For inspiration, check out these recipe ideas, use pairings of coffee roasts and bakery items, and explore festive syrups from Torani.

Gift-Giving Brand Merchandise

Customers will keep coming back if you have great coffee, but a great brand presence that can be shared will get them even more excited. The holiday season is an opportune time to consider refreshing your brand by adding more merchandise that can be given as gifts. Branded merchandise such as gift cards, coffee mugs and thermoses, coffee beans, packaged baked goods, and novelty items will maximize your potential for higher coffee sales.

This is also a wonderful time of year to make gift-giving easier for your customers by bundling your merchandise into sample kits and coffee gift baskets. Holiday-themed packages that include mugs, gift cards, and products with your business logo on them are a great addition to a customer’s in-store beverage purchase. Furthermore, you can promote a higher volume of coffee sales and increase customer retention by offering BOGOs and other quantity discount promotions.

Online Shopping & Pick-Up

Many consumers are more comfortable venturing out this year than they were last due to COVID-19, but some may not be ready to do their holiday shopping in person just yet. If you have not set up your restaurant, coffee shop, or cafe website for online ordering and pick-up, now is the time! Online gift shopping is often easier for customers and many are willing to pay more for the convenience of getting exactly what they need ready for a quick pick-up or sent directly to themselves or gift recipients.

Enhancing your online options does not only offer additional income but also gives you the opportunity to increase social media engagement that will direct users back to your site to find more gift options. Try doing seasonal giveaways, holiday product countdowns, or promoting your limited-time offers to encourage your community to visit you both digitally and in-person.

Key Takeaways

This holiday season is sure to be different than the last, as more consumers are eager to make up for the lost time with family and friends. Many people are looking forward to enjoying a cup of their favorite beverages, like a pumpkin spice latte, peppermint mocha, or hot chocolate, next to loved ones again. By tapping into flavor trends that give your customers a heart-warming holiday beverage experience, experimenting with seasonal ingredients for limited-time offers, and promoting gift cards, gift baskets, and brand merchandise in person and online, your coffee sales will be set up for success during this holiday season.

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