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How to Pivot your Business during Uncertain Times


Are you wondering how to pivot your business during uncertain times? The foodservice business is navigating through uncharted waters right now. It is scary to be in the dark about the future of your space and you might be asking a lot of questions – many of which do not have concrete answers. When will you be able to get back to business as usual? How can you serve your customers or be supported by the community during this time?

Gaviña is here to support you anyway we can. Let us offer a few ideas to pivot your offerings and navigate these uncertain times. Of course, there is no replacement for having a thriving coffee shop or hearing the constant buzz of customers, but while we wait for better times ahead, consider making some adjustments that could help increase the survival of your shop.

Surviving Uncertain Times

Foodservice providers, as you well know, are having to make quick decisions on what to do in order to stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are a few ideas on how to keep things moving forward:

  • Focus on short-term sales. Since dine-in spaces have been ordered to close, try creating take-out or delivery options to get those coffee drinks out to customers who still want to enjoy a latte or cold brew. In your neighborhood, partner with community or delivery partners (like Grubhub or Postmates) to help get your products out.
  • Stay active on social media. Customers are looking to their favorite spots and want to continue supporting them. This is a great time to use social media and connect with the community, keeping them up to date with behind-the-scenes content, business news or just some lighthearted posts that bring a little balance to the constant barrage of information out there.
  • Sell gift cards or other store-centric merchandise. Do you have retail offerings in your space? Are there gift cards available for purchase? In addition to selling your coffee, consider becoming more active in selling gift cards for future purchase. This helps bring in a little cash now when you need it most.
  • Connect with the community. You are an important part of your neighborhood! Not only do you need help now, you will also need the support of your community to get through the months ahead. Stay connected with the local media and other commerce programs that will offer you the help you need in spreading the word and thriving until you are back up and running fully.

This is definitely a difficult time for those in our industry but it is an opportunity to continue building your brand and finding new ways to connect with customers so that when things are back up and running you will be stronger than ever.


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