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Refreshed with
Iced Tea

Our teas are developed with the same level of care as our coffee blends. Each tea is carefully selected to the taste profile and quality standard that is worthy of the Gaviña name.

Our refreshing selection of traditional and specialty iced teas is kosher-certified and includes black, green, caffeine-free, and herbal varieties.

Profit margins for iced tea*
Of tea consumed in the US, is iced**
Of Millennials drink tea**
*Based on $2.30 price point for a 16 oz. cup (includes tea, cup, lid and straw)
**Tea Association of the USA Inc., Fact Sheet 2019 – 2020

Traditional Iced Teas

Gaviña Traditional Iced Teas are made popular by an exclusive blend of black tea leaves. Available in portion-controlled filter packs for speed and convenience.

Gaviña Traditional Black

An exclusive blend of high grown premium tea leaves, rich in color and flavor

Special Roasts & Blends

A blend of high grown black tea leaves infused with passion fruit and peach notes for a refreshing tropical taste.

Specialty Iced Teas

Gaviña Specialty Iced Teas are made with a fine selection of tea leaves from around the world and come in delicious tropical fruit flavors. Available in portion-controlled packs for optimal brewing.

Gaviña Organic Hibiscus

A naturally caffeine-free blend of organic hibiscus flowers and organic lemon myrtle, with a vibrant ruby red color and a sweet, tart citrus flavor.

Gaviña Mango Green

A refreshing and fruity Iced Tea that combines the vegetal goodness of green tea with the royal sweetness of mangoes.

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Partner With Us

As a trusted partner for foodservice businesses, we have been delivering premium tea to communities across Southern California. Our partnership opportunities provide a full-service turnkey solution that equips you with the resources to start providing a more refreshing iced tea experience for your customers.

Learn more about our foodservice partner program to unlock key tools to help you:

  • Develop your menu
  • Find the perfect equipment
  • Train your entire staff
  • Promote your tea
  • Serve specialty options
  • Receive direct deliveries

Promote Your Business

By partnering with Gaviña Coffee Solutions, your business not only receives a customized beverage solution but also a combination of expertise and support every step of the way. To help promote your fresh brewed iced tea program in-store, we provide all the promotional materials you need to help drive sales including Gaviña recipes and easy-to-clean adhesive dispenser wraps.


We love discovering new ways to use our iced teas. Explore some of the exciting ways you can create delicious drinks for your customers.
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