College and University

Fuel the Minds of

Future Leaders

We take pride in helping nurture the minds of future leaders. Our high-quality coffee solutions are designed to deliver a premium coffee experience for students, faculty and staff, and visitors across your campus.

Gavina Coffe Solutions for college and university

How Gaviña Gives Your Campus an Extra Perk

Support Sustainable Efforts

We are committed to coffee sustainability. Our Fair Trade USA & organic certified coffees are responsibly sourced from sustainable partners who share our vision for a greener coffee.

Creating Custom Experiences

Whether it’s for residential dining, coffee shops, cafeterias, lounges, and special event spaces, we have the perfect solution to provide quality coffee for everyone. 

Completing the Program

Choose from a selection of merchandising materials and allied products, including iced tea, syrups, and hot beverages, to enhance the coffee experience on campus.

Your Business

Giving the Perfect Cup of Coffee for Everyone

Our selection of packaging types provides students, visitors, faculty, and staff the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Portion Packs

Make brewing simple with consistent results. Each of our pre-ground and pre-measured packs makes 10-12 cups of coffee–perfect for airpot brewers and thermal server coffee brewers.

Single Serve

Hand-selected and roasted to perfection, our Single Serve coffee is a popular choice for those who prefer to brew by the cup. Our Single Serve Cups are available in our most popular roasts and flavors.

Whole Bean Coffee

Making each cup of coffee is a satisfying experience with our Whole Bean Coffee. You can expect the same quality for each blend as we maintain consistency with our roasting.

Espresso Capsules

Nothing compares to the rich flavors of our espressos. Our selection provides an option for those who crave bold, balanced flavors.

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