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The Cold Brew Coffee Craze

cold brew coffee

Coffee, the lifeblood of many mornings (and afternoons), has seen a fascinating evolution in recent years. While the classic hot cup still reigns supreme for some, a new brewing method has taken the beverage world by storm: cold brew coffee. But what exactly is cold brew, and why is it a beverage loved by both Millennials and Gen Z, with the latter shaping its future in exciting new ways? (We’ll save the skinny jean battle for another day.)

Cold Brew 101: A Steeper, Not a Burner

Unlike traditional hot coffee, which uses near-boiling water to extract flavor from coffee grounds, cold brew takes a more relaxed approach. Cold or room-temperature water steeps with coarse coffee grounds for an extended period, typically overnight in the refrigerator. This slow extraction process results in a coffee concentrate with unique characteristics.

The magic of cold brew is all in the taste. Here’s what makes it unique from its hot counterpoint.

  • It’s a Smooth Operator: Hot water intensely extracts flavors from coffee grounds, including bitter tannins. In contrast, cold water has a gentler approach, resulting in a smoother, less acidic cup. This is a game-changer for coffee lovers who find hot coffee to be too harsh on their stomachs.
  • It’s Subtle – Not Intense: Cold brew boasts a more mild and subtle flavor profile compared to hot coffee. The delicate notes of the beans shine through, creating a more nuanced and complex taste experience.
  • It’s Naturally Sweet: Cold brew’s unique extraction process results in a naturally sweeter flavor profile compared to hot coffee. Without the bitterness typically extracted by hot water, cold brew offers a delightful sweetness, appealing to those seeking a flavorful coffee experience without the need for added sugar.

Why is Gen Z (Cold) Brewing Up a Storm?

One scroll through social media may point out quite a few changes that Gen Z is making their own, from refusing to wear ankle socks, to exclusively drinking their daily cold brew coffee. Aside from general aesthetics and the fun appeal of shaking an iced drink to kill time, why is this version of coffee so popular amongst the younger generations? There’s actual science behind this preference.

  • It’s a Solid Health-Conscious Choice: Gen Z is known for its focus on health and wellness. Cold brew’s smooth, less acidic profile is appealing for those with sensitive stomachs or who are trying to reduce acidity in their diet.
  • It’s Simple: Cold brewing is a simple method that can be easily customized at home with different coffee origins, roast levels, and steeping times.
  • It’s Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Cold brew is inherently more eco-friendly. It requires less energy compared to hot brewing methods that utilize boiling water. This aligns with the environmental consciousness prevalent among Gen Z.
  • Aesthetics on Point: Cold brew drinks are visually stunning. Photogenic layers of coffee concentrate with milk or cream create an aesthetically pleasing drink perfect for the social media-driven world Gen Z navigates.
  • Versatility is Key: Cold brew transcends the boundaries of a simple cup of coffee. It serves as a base for countless creative iced coffee concoctions with flavored syrups, cream, cold foam, and even fruit purees. This versatility allows for endless recipe exploration and caters to adventurous palates.

The Future is (Cold) Brewed

Are you looking for a cold brew partner that prioritizes both deliciousness and sustainability? Look no further than Gaviña Coffee Solutions. Our commitment to a smooth, flavorful profile ensures your cold brew will be a customer favorite.

Beyond taste, Gaviña aligns perfectly with our focus on sustainability. Our Direct Impact™ initiative prioritizes ethical sourcing from small farmers, promotes long-term coffee bean sustainability, and champions environmental responsibility. By partnering with Gaviña, you can be sure that your cold brew program is not just delicious, but also kind to the planet, driving that point home with environmentally-conscious consumers of all ages.

Forget the generational labels and claim your very own cup of cold brew! Gaviña Coffee Solutions can help you create a delicious and refreshing cold brew program that caters to everyone. Embrace the cold brew revolution, and discover a brewing method that’s not just delicious, but perfect for anyone who enjoys a smooth, refreshing coffee experience.

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