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The Towers at Laguna Woods


Located in Orange County, CA, The Towers at Laguna Woods is a luxury senior living retirement community that serves as a comfortable home for seniors pursuing a relaxed and engaging lifestyle. Unlike other retirement homes, The Towers at Laguna Woods offers apartment-style living with private bathrooms, in-room kitchens, and individual temperature control. 

The Towers at Laguna Woods takes pride in the quality of care and support it delivers to its residents. It is important for them to create unique dining experiences for all who reside there. To complete the overall dining experience, they needed a reliable coffee partner that provides high-quality coffee and beverages.

Gaviña Coffee as a Support System

The Towers at Laguna Woods is a community and family-oriented facility. General Manager, Michael Miller wanted a coffee partner that shares its same values while being able to deliver the highest-quality coffee. When Sodexo, a foodservice and facility management company, took over The Towers at Laguna Woods, Gaviña Coffee came along with them. According to Miller, “One of our main focuses was to make sure that residents have fresh and hot coffee daily.” 

Since The Towers at Laguna Woods is a big community with a small number of residents, there is not a lot of turnover for anything other than coffee. “Gaviña Coffee is the perfect partner for us because they provide high-quality coffee options, branded cups, and equipment solutions,” said Miller. We provide the freshest coffee sourced with only the finest ingredients. Don Francisco’s Coffee, one of Gaviña’s premium coffee brands, is one of the residents’ favorite coffees. Offering regular and decaf 100% Colombian brewed coffee and other roast options that include French Roast and flavored coffees.

Cultivating a Relationship with Gaviña

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, The Towers at Laguna Woods had to adjust its operations for the health and safety of its residents. During this time, Gaviña continued to cultivate their relationship with The Towers community by being proactive and supportive, along with providing assistance wherever it was needed. “Gaviña is very receptive – their customer service is great. I speak to Mike Elliot, an Account Manager from Gaviña, at least twice a month just to see what’s new and what we could try,” explained Miller.

Although dining rooms are not yet open due to the pandemic, The Towers at Laguna Woods has recently started providing coffee again and will be offering iced tea as spring begins – much to the residents’ excitement. Additionally, The Towers at Laguna Woods is working with Gaviña to do a build-out program for a bistro wherein they will provide free coffee service for regular and decaf coffees, as well as premium coffees at a higher price. “This bistro is another way for us to brand ourselves with Gaviña while giving our residents options and choice. We hope that it will come into fruition within the next year,” said Miller.

A Continued Partnership

Currently, The Towers at Laguna Woods continues to serve its residents with Don Francisco’s delicious high-quality coffee and plans to keep the partnership as the business grows. “It’s a pleasure to work with Gaviña. They only bring measurable positives.”

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