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Serving Quality Coffee

Starts with the Finest Equipment

Care is the most important step in cultivating quality coffee, and it starts with using the finest equipment. Our customized equipment programs offer only the best support for you to succeed, no matter your business needs. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the right equipment and support. Our custom equipment programs include:

  • Getting you set up with the right equipment
  • Training your employees on how to provide the best experience
  • Providing continuous support to ensure each beverage is the highest quality
  • Performing regular maintenance on your equipment

Brew with the Best

Your coffee equipment is just as important as the person making the coffee. That’s why we offer the finest and most reliable equipment that will help you deliver superb coffee — every time.

Coffee Grinders, Brewers, & Dispensers

Make coffee you are proud to serve in the volumes you need with our grinders, brewers, and dispensers.

Iced Tea Brewers & Dispensers

Keep your iced tea cold and fresh for your customers with the finest iced tea brewers and insulated dispensers.

Steam Pitchers, Tampers, & Barista Spoons

Elevate your coffee-making experience with high quality and durable steam pitchers, tampers, and barista spoons.

Espresso Machines & Grinders

Perk up your menu with our espresso machines and grinders that deliver the perfect espresso shot.

Hot Powder Cappuccino Machines

Warm your customers with our hot powder cappuccino machines that keep your drinks heated and ready-to-serve.

Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Clean your equipment with Gaviña-approved cleaning supplies that extend the life and ROI of your equipment.

Commercial Blenders

Blend and serve the smoothest drinks with our commercial blenders and step up your drink offerings.

Find the Right Equipment for Your Business Needs

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