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We are passionate about being a great partner to our customers, so we make sure they have the brands and products that meet their needs and their customers’ preferences. Whether you are an office looking for a beloved consumer brand, a café looking for a high-quality, trusted name, or someone looking for a best-selling espresso, our family of brands has the right fit for you.

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee

A heritage brand trusted for its quality, service and value by coffee houses, bakeries, cafes and offices since 1967. Gaviña Gourmet Coffee delivers restaurant and coffee house-level quality in a wide variety of options including whole bean, espresso and ground coffee. Available in multiple channels including foodservice, office coffee service, vending and micro-markets.

Don Francisco’s Coffee

A favorite retail consumer brand in the West, offering premium quality 100% Arabica coffee that delivers a delightful experience with every brew and sip. This family crafted coffee is available as a branded solution in office coffee service, micro-markets, higher education and hospitality.

Café La Llave Espresso

A tradition that began in Cuba over a century ago, Café La Llave is a favorite among Latin coffee drinkers who enjoy a dark roasted and intensely aromatic, rich, strong Latin-style coffee. Available in select Southeast foodservice markets.

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