Gavina Coffee Solutions

Our Brands have

Something for Everyone

We strive to be the best partner to our customers by ensuring they have the right brands and products that meet their needs and their customers’ preferences.

Whether you are an office looking for a beloved consumer brand, a café looking for a high-quality name, or someone looking for a best-selling espresso, our family of brands has the perfect fit for you.

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee

A heritage brand trusted for its quality, service, and value by coffee houses, bakeries, cafes, and offices since 1967. Gaviña Gourmet Coffee delivers restaurant and coffee house-level quality coffee in a wide variety of options including:
  • Whole bean
  • Espresso
  • Ground coffee
Available in multiple channels including foodservice, office coffee service, vending, micro-markets, and hospitality.

Don Francisco’s Coffee

A favorite retail consumer brand that offers premium quality 100% Arabica coffee. This family crafted coffee delivers a delightful experience with every brew and sip.

Available as a branded solution in office coffee service, micro-markets, healthcare, and college and university.

Café La Llave

A tradition that began in Cuba over a century ago, Café La Llave is a favorite among Latin coffee drinkers who enjoy a dark roasted and intensely aromatic, rich, strong Latin-style coffee.

Available in select Southeast foodservice markets.

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