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Quality Arabica Coffee

We source our high-quality Arabica coffee beans from trusted partners in the world’s most-respected coffee growing regions, including Central, South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Find the right coffee for you and your customers from our selection of single-origin, special roasts & blends, organic, decaf, and cold brew options.



With more than 150 years of experience, our passion for bold, balanced flavor continues to this day. We offer a selection of whole bean and fine grind espresso coffees, all roasted to perfection, to help you capture the growing espresso market.

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Special Roasts & Blends

Our special roasts & blends are the foundation of our company. Every bean carries a distinct aroma and flavor characteristic that is carefully roasted to bring out its unique flavor.

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special roasts and blends

Flavored Coffee

From Vanilla Nut to the seasonal Pumpkin Spice, our portfolio of flavors has something for everyone. Our flavored coffee comes in both whole bean and ground options to fit your needs.

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Decaf Coffee

We offer a selection of premium coffees in both decaffeinated whole bean and ground options to help you meet your customers’ preferences.

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decaf coffee

Cold Brew

Bring the craft of cold brew to your customers. We offer a full-service Cold Brew program that includes everything you need to deliver the best Cold Brew experience to your customers.

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Cold brew coffee

Deliver Quality Experience with Gaviña Reserve

Crafted by culture, Gaviña Reserve brings the culture of our coffee beans to life. Each of our single origin coffees is responsibly-sourced from trusted coffee farmers in a single country, allowing the soil, climate, and history of that region to fuse with each coffee bean. Our experienced team roasts our coffee to perfection to elevate the flavor and deliver an exceptional coffee experience.

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Partner With Gaviña

As a trusted partner for foodservice businesses, we have been delivering premium coffee to communities across Southern California. Our partnership opportunities provide a full-service turnkey solution that equips you with the resources to start elevating your customer’s coffee experience.

Learn more about our foodservice partner program to unlock key tools to help you:

  • Develop your menu
  • Find the perfect equipment
  • Train your entire staff
  • Promote your coffee
  • Serve specialty options
  • Receive direct deliveries
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Equipment solutions

Promote Your Business

By partnering with Gaviña Coffee Solutions, your business not only receives a customized beverage solution but also a combination of expertise and support every step of the way. We provide all of the promotional materials you need including:

  • Gaviña Recipes
  • Easy-to-read Airpot Labels
  • On-trend Coffee Packaging
  • Posters and Counter Signs with Refreshing Imagery
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We love discovering new ways to use our coffee. Explore some of the exciting ways you can create delicious drinks for your customers.

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