Gavina Coffee Solutions


Our Commitment

to Sustainability

At Gaviña, we are committed to coffee sustainability. Our vision to leave a greener coffee footprint, from seed to cup, influences everything we do and continue to do.

Gaviña Direct Impact™ Initiative

Dedication to Farmers

Improve the livelihood of small coffee farmers at origin. We provide sustainable farming assistance, community infrastructure development, education, and healthcare programs to help our farmers become more self-reliant.

Sustainable Sourcing

Promote the long-term supply of sustainable coffee. All our coffee is sourced from sustainable partners who share our vision for a greener coffee footprint and certified by Fairtrade USA, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, or USDA Organic.

Social Stewardship

Respect and give back to our community. We support over 300 local and global charities to create a more promising future for us, our future generations, and you.

Environmental Sustainability

Preserve our environment through corporate leadership. Our state-of-the-art SQF roasting facility achieves zero waste-to-landfill through reduce, reuse, recycle programs.

Show Your Commitment to Sustainability

By partnering with Gaviña, you are supporting the sustainable efforts we have implemented. Fill out this form to learn more about partnering with Gaviña.
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