Gavina Coffee Solutions

Our Process

Makes a Difference

As our family learned on our coffee estate in Cuba, care is the most important step in cultivating quality coffee. That simple idea is what makes Gaviña different to this day. We are involved at each step of the process—from sourcing high quality coffees to personally cupping samples each morning. It is this careful attention to detail that allows us to ensure you are getting the best quality coffee.

We source our green coffee beans from the world’s most respected coffee growing regions, using partners we know and trust.
We have one of the top roasting facilities in the country with a capacity for up to 65 million pounds and a roastmaster who has been with us for more than three decades.
After the green coffee beans arrive and are approved for roasting, we take the extra step of cleaning them to ensure the best quality.
To us, roasting is an art that enhances the coffee’s natural flavor, which is why we are committed to finding the perfect roast for each individual coffee.
Freshly roasted coffee beans can rapidly lose their essence when exposed to oxygen, which is why we preserve the flavor and aroma of our coffee by flushing it with nitrogen before sealing the package.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and internal controls ensure we meet specifications for roast color, moisture, content, grind, packaging integrity and oxygen levels. All of our coffee is tested and cupped to ensure it meets these standards.
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