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Creating a Unique Coffee Experience with Gaviña Reserve

Gaviña Reserve

Coffees with humble beginnings often have the greatest stories. With over 50 years of experience roasting coffee and developing delicious blends, Gaviña Coffee is dedicated to bringing these stories to life through Gaviña Reserve, our new line of specialty coffee inspired by the stories that have taken us around the world. Each of these coffees acts as a testament to our passion for crafting coffee you are proud to serve.

What is Gaviña Reserve?

Gaviña Reserve brings the rich stories behind our coffee beans to life. Our single origin coffees and blends are sourced from the most-respected coffee-growing regions. This allows the region’s soil, climate, and history to fuse into each coffee bean, creating a unique coffee experience specific to that area. Our experienced team roasts the coffee beans to perfection to develop the flavor and aromas, producing an exceptional coffee experience, with bold and unique flavors in every cup.

Why Gaviña Reserve?

The social, environmental, and economic sustainability of coffee has been a widespread topic by both business owners and consumers in recent years. Most of our Gaviña Reserve coffees are certified to help promote a sustainable coffee future for generations to come. Our high-quality coffee beans are sourced from the world’s most-esteemed coffee growing regions, including Central America, South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. Gaviña Reserve certifications include USDA Organic, Fair Trade USA, and Rainforest Alliance, which aim to deliver the transparency consumers demand, along with the assured quality of the product.

Gaviña Reserve Portfolio

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Grown in the native birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a delectable coffee known for its floral blueberry aroma and a flavor combination of apricot, orange, and caramel. This single origin coffee is a medium roast featuring high-quality Arabica coffee beans grown in this East African region, allowing you to experience a little bit of Ethiopia with every sip!

Fair Trade Espresso

Our Fair Trade Espresso is a rich and lively dark roast blend made with 100% Fair Trade Certified coffees. Carrying a signature nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate and a sweet floral aroma, every sip comes packed with bold and rich deliciousness. A mark of social responsibility, this espresso is Fair Trade USA certified, which means a minimum price is paid to protect farmers from volatile market prices, and this helps foster long-term relationships between farmers and buyers.

Organic Guatemala

Organic Guatemala is a USDA Certified medium roast single origin coffee that delivers natural sweetness and strong fragrance. The secret to its signature rich and aromatic flavor is its distinctive Guatemalan origin. Every sip carries deep milk chocolate and nutty notes encompassed by its bright acidity, allowing for a unique coffee experience that is true to its Guatemalan heritage.

Organic Mexico

Known for its aromatic full-bodied beans, every sip of Organic Mexico encompasses sweet honey and cocoa flavors. Its signature bold and rich fragrance is derived from its Latin American origin, immersing the consumer in a delectable coffee experience. This USDA Certified organic coffee is a medium roast made from the highest quality Arabica beans grown in the finest coffee growing regions of Mexico.

Organic Espresso

The Organic Espresso is a traditional dark espresso roast profile using organically grown coffee beans. It draws its signature rich and aromatic flavor from its Latin American origin. Every sip denotes a floral aroma, intertwined with a balanced nutty and bittersweet chocolaty flavor that is brought to life through the art of roasting. As a USDA Certified espresso, this coffee is grown using organic fertilizers to promote cleaner air, land, and water.

Organic French Roast

The classic Organic French Roast is a blend of Latin American coffees featuring a smooth deep dark roast profile made with high-quality USDA Certified coffee beans. Each sip carries a signature smoky aroma with dark chocolate notes, making for a bold and fulfilling cup that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Sumatra Mandheling

The Sumatra Mandheling is a medium roast single origin coffee known for its full body and its rich, complex flavor. Its savory notes, combined with its earthy aroma, are drawn from its Indonesian origin. As a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, this coffee has been grown to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainability.

Deliver an Exceptional Coffee Experience with Gaviña Reserve

Behind every bean, there is a story to be told through its soil, climate, elevation, and history. With Gaviña Reserve, you’ll be able to share those stories through lasting flavors and a high-quality coffee experience with your customers. Each offering captures the nuances and uniqueness of its origin or roast profile and gives coffee lovers the immersive experience that only specialty coffees can provide. Learn more about Gaviña Reserve to see how you can add them to your menu today:

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