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Marie's Coffee Service

Since its establishment in 1976, Marie’s Coffee Service has remained a family-owned and operated office coffee service provider offering high-quality coffee and coffee equipment to offices, restaurants, and other places of business. As a trusted office coffee service provider, Marie’s Coffee Service delivers products that are individualized to every one of its customer’s needs.

Being in the office coffee service industry for over 43 years, Bob Schudder, Owner and Operator of Marie’s Coffee Service, believes that “providing a really consistent and good product is what keeps you in business.” To continue delivering an exceptional coffee experience to its partners and clients, Marie’s Coffee Service needed a reliable coffee partner that offers only the highest quality of coffee. This partner would be found in Gaviña Coffee.

Gaviña as an Office Coffee Partner

Gaviña has been a partner of Marie’s Coffee Service for over 15 years. The coffee service provider chose Gaviña because of the quality of the coffee. According to Schudder, “Not only does Gaviña provide us with a really consistent product but they also have a really wide variety of coffees.” Some other essential qualities that Bob found in Gaviña included sharing the same values as Marie’s Coffee Service and providing great communication. “From our experience, big corporations have bad communication. Gaviña has great customer service and expertise. If we have any questions, it won’t take long to get help.”

Currently, Marie’s Coffee Service offers Don Francisco’s Coffee and Gaviña Gourmet Coffee. The coffee service provider distributes a wide range of whole bean coffees, filter pack coffees, and more. One of the things that makes Marie’s Coffee Service one of a kind, is the fact that it offers custom boxes of coffee kits for its clients (assorted blends, single-serves, and allied products). “Gaviña helps our business because of the extensive selection of coffee options they offer. If a client wants a specific type of coffee, Gaviña can meet that need.” Angie Day, Bob’s sales representative at Gaviña, even provides samples of products they don’t carry in stock, which helps Marie’s Coffee Service gain new customers.

Measurable Results with Gaviña

Marie’s Coffee Service has seen exceptional measurable results with Gaviña through account retention. “The one thing you can gauge about coffee is how long a customer stays with a specific type of coffee you sell them.” When a customer constantly requests changes in their coffee product, it opens opportunities for competitors to attack your account. Before partnering with Gaviña, Schudder went through a lot of different coffee products. “Although the first batch of coffee from trade shows was outstanding, the next batch would be totally different… Unsellable.” However, after partnering with Gaviña, Schudder noticed a long-term satisfaction with the coffees from his clients. “I don’t think I have ever had a moment where I thought I had to send this coffee back,” he recounts.

A Long-Term Partnership with Gaviña

Marie’s Coffee Service is thrilled to continue its partnership with Gaviña as the market for office coffee continues to grow. In Schudder’s eyes, the partnership has been nothing but fruitful. “It’s been great having a really good relationship with Gaviña. They have been extremely helpful and enjoyable to work with… They are like family to us.” 

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