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What Customers Expect As You Open Back Up

Atencion Al Cliente Covid

Learn what customers expect as you open back up. As state regulations start changing and businesses including restaurants begin opening back up, there is one thing your customers are going to be really paying a lot of attention to: safety.

There is a lot to do in preparing for re-opening and to get your business up and running in a world filled with new regulations, self-distancing measures, and an increased awareness for safety and cleanliness. So, what does that mean for you and how do you provide a sense of comfort to customers who still might feel a bit uneasy going out?

What Customers Want

In a survey reaching out to consumers, a number of responses provided insight to what they are looking for when they stop by to purchase food or drinks.

60 percent of customers said they wanted to see foodservice businesses using both masks and gloves – which at this point in time does not seem that out of the ordinary considering the use of PPEs (personal protective equipment) is a standard nearly everywhere in the foreseeable future. With that said, another question asked customers how long they expected to see businesses wear masks and gloves – nearly 40 percent said at least 30 days, while 15 percent said indefinitely.

The idea of disposable menus is appealing to customers, too. While you might already offer a menu board, digital menus available to view on a phone is a great, no-contact way to share food and drink options with your customers if they need a little extra time to browse offerings.

How to Manage In-House Operations

Changing up some aspects of the business will be important to provide customers peace of mind, but employees should expect some additional measures as well to keep them safe.

Mandatory testing for COVID-19 in active employees is one way to ensure the team stays healthy for both the business and customers. Temperature checks, increased space between tables if sit-down service is offered, and single-use condiments are just a few of the things you can do to ensure cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination within the business.

It is really hard to know what to expect over the next few months. When asked about dining habits, customers were split down the middle between what they planned to do. 50 percent stated they would go out as often as they did before the crisis, while 46 percent said they planned to go out less.

Moving Forward

Things have definitely changed in the last few months, but customers are finding new ways to adapt.

People still want their favorite foods and drinks and are willing to abide by the general rules of social distancing to enjoy things they love as we all get through these unusual times. Interestingly enough, customers are finding more comfort in placing orders online and picking up, or having it delivered.

Even though things are different right now, it offers your business a great opportunity to take extra steps to provide safety and peace of mind to customers.

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