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6 Waste-Reducing Tips for Your Coffee Business

Waste Reducing Tips

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. Estimates show that more than half of the American population consumes at least two cups of coffee daily; and, globally, consumers use approximately 2.25 billion cups per day. Simultaneously, many consumers are part of a global movement towards more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles but need guidance and resources from their community to support this initiative.

Coffeehouses, cafes, bakeries, and restaurants can do their part to help their communities leave a greener footprint by providing eco-friendly options and implementing sustainable practices. This will also give you a competitive advantage, as studies show that more consumers are likely to buy and promote products from a company if they know it is eco-friendly. With this in mind, here are a few ways that your business can help reduce waste and promote an eco-friendly environment.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Taking steps toward a more energy-efficient business model is a win-win situation for your business and your customers. Not only will you be contributing to the improvement of the environment, but you will also save money by cutting back on operating costs and utility bills.

A quick, easy way that you can start making your businesses more energy efficient is by installing LED light bulbs in your facility. According to market research, LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan than regular light bulbs and can provide up to 50,000 hours of lighting using less energy. You should also adjust the settings of your POS systems to automatically go into low-power sleep mode when it is not being used. Even more industry-specific, equipment manufacturers produce eco-friendly, energy-efficient coffee makers to support your efforts.

Conserve Water

Water conservation is an important facet in all areas of society. Many businesses are embracing water sustainability initiatives to ensure that they are saving water, which is a limited and invaluable natural resource. One way you can make your business more environmentally friendly is to conserve water by incorporating automatic faucets into your workstations and restroom areas.

Since these faucets turn on and off automatically, a significant amount of running water can be saved. Automatic faucets use touchless sensors to control the flow of water, which also promotes cleanliness and germ prevention in the post-pandemic environment. Additionally, automatic faucets can also be programmed to a specific temperature, which in turn, decreases energy and power consumption.

Offer Sustainable Coffee

Consumers have become increasingly interested in sustainable coffee, creating an opportunity for your business to serve and promote these options on your menu. When selecting your coffees, be on the lookout for certifications such as USDA Organic, Fairtrade USA, and Rainforest Alliance. These certifications prove that the coffee has been produced sustainably, give your customers peace of mind knowing that your coffee is grown in ways that help protect the environment, and showcase that your brand values the workers involved in coffee production. Additionally, stocking certified coffee allows you to price your beverages higher, which is beneficial to both your business and coffee farmers.

Providing sustainable coffee options to our customers is a high priority at Gaviña Coffee. We are committed to promoting responsibility, and sustainability in our coffee sourcing. Many Gaviña Coffee products are certified by Fairtrade USA, Rainforest Alliance, or USDA Organic.

Buy Post-Recycled Goods

Post-recycled goods are any materials that are thrown into the recycling bin, broken down, and made into new products. Some brands, like Gaviña, use post-recycled material in their coffee cup packaging to help business owners promote sustainable business practices.

Buying post-recycled goods is an environmentally friendly way to do your part because these materials disintegrate and break down organically. By integrating post-recycled goods into your business, you will be able to fulfill your sustainability goals and contribute to the health of our environment.

Additionally, businesses that are looking to take part in post-recycled goods efforts can participate in Terracycle & Don Francisco’s coffee Pod Recycling Program, wherein Don Francisco’s single-serve coffee pods and espresso capsules are repurposed to create new items, like park benches and or picnic tables. These are a few easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your brand.

Go Digital

Taking your business digital is now easier than ever. As the foodservice industry adapted to COVID-19 health precautions, they also developed new ways to reduce the use of paper.

One way coffee retailers can enter this vast and growing world of digital services is to offer paperless ordering and menu options. By offering QR codes to customers to access and order from your menu, you will be cutting back on a significant amount of paper and ink. This is also important, especially in the wake of COVID-19, because it allows customers a contactless option to view your menu.

Local Food Waste Management

Your business can do its part to preserve the environment by partnering with or joining local food waste management organizations like the Los Angeles County Food Redistribution Initiative (LACFRI), Food Finders, and the Burbank Green Alliance, or larger scale organizations like CalRecycle, Feeding America, and Leanpath.

These organizations offer tools and resources that guide businesses through each step of a food waste reduction program, promote reductions in food waste, and collect data on your business’s food waste. This will ultimately allow businesses to save money and embrace sustainability.

Bottom Line

Although building a business model around sustainability will take time, even the longest challenges start with small steps. By following these waste-reducing tips, your coffee business will gradually be able to achieve its sustainability goal and secure a brighter future for the coffee industry.

At Gaviña, we are proudly committed to coffee sustainability. Through the Gaviña Direct Impact Initiative, we are improving the livelihood of farmers at origin, preserving the environment, promoting a long-term supply of sustainable coffee, and giving back to the communities we impact. Contact us today to speak with us about how to get your business on the right path to preserving our coffee-growing planet.

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